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WAMS - Walking Access Mapping System
A great asset to accessing our outdoors, this site by the Walking Access Commission, identifies where we as public can access our rivers and other natural resources. It also offers information about points of interest. For example the Clutha Fisheries Trust is a partner providing access points to the upper Clutha. Click on the icon and it will give information about the access.

So visit : http://www.walkingaccess.govt.nz/wams/disclaimer?redirect=http://wams.org.nz/wams_desktop/index.aspx

Important: Be responsible and courteous, where possible seek to contact landowners whose land legal roads (formed or unformed) transit so they are aware who you are and in return may offer advice that will enhance your visit.



Lake Dunstan

Lake Dunstan provides a very accessible lake fishery for brown and rainbow trout. It is popular with boaties and all angling methods can be used making it a very good water for family angling.


Upper Clutha River

The upper Clutha River provides an outstanding large river fishing experience. Rainbow and Brown trout are the main species targeted by anglers, with the occasional Chinnock salmon taken. With the increase in rural development, historic access to this great river is being eroded. To mitigate this, the Clutha Fisheries Trust has focused on the creation and enhancement of access in the upper Clutha. A number of access lanes have been developed and where possible existing access secured in perpituity. To find these access points, the Trust has published an access guide to the upper Clutha River which you can source at any sporting retailer or click on the following link.


Southern Lakes

At the top of the Clutha River catchment Otago�s three large glacial lakes � Wakatipu, Wanaka and Hawea � all support excellent mixed fisheries for brown and rainbow trout, and quinnat salmon. This is Otago�s summer playground whether you are fishing from the shore or from a boat. Known as the Southern Lakes area it gets many visitors from throughout New Zealand and from overseas.

For information on fishing these lakes click on this link; https://fishandgame.org.nz/otago/freshwater-fishing-in-new-zealand/fishing-locations-and-access/ to be forwarded to the Fish & Game New Zealand - Otago Region web site. Scroll down the page to find links to angling pamphlets for the Otago region.


Angling Conditions

There are weekly reports on current river and lake conditions in Otago from mid-September throughout summer until end of April in the following year. These reports are broadcast on regional radio stations and published in the Otago Daily Times on Friday. Another source of information on angling conditions is the Otago Regional Council�s 24 hour �flowphone� (03) 479 6493 or their website http://water.orc.govt.nz/WaterInfo/Catchment.aspx?r=UpperClutha

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