Furthering the public interests in the sports fisheries and
conservation values of the Upper Clutha catchment
The Trustees

Rick Boyd - Nominee of Fish & Game Otago

Rick is a fisheries biologist with a particular interest in fisheries management. His wide experience includes everything from salmon fisheries on the Pacific coast of Canada to the snapper fishery in the Hauraki Gulf and developing and implementing fisheries policy and legislation. He has been a keen angler since his childhood.


Ian Cole - Nominee of Fish & Game Otago

Born in the UK, Ian moved to Wanaka in1990 where he has owned and operated successful tourist related businesses. Ian, elected to the Otago Fish & Game Council in 1997, was nominated to the Trust in 2007.

Ian has followed a lifelong passion for fishing and also enjoys game bird hunting.

Ian is the current Chairperson of the trust.


Dr John Jillett - Nominee of the New Zealand Fish & Game Council

Dr John Jillett is a marine ecologist who recently retired as Associate Professor at the University of Otago. John was Director of the Universities Portobello Marine Laboratory from 1974 to 1994. In 1997 he was made an Officer of The New Zealand Order of Merit (O.M.Z.M). John is a long standing Otago Fish & Game Councillor and is a past Chairman of that council. John was nominated to the Trust in 2004.

John is an avid angler and outdoor enthusiast.


Murray Neilson - Nominee of Department of Conservation

Murray Neilson is employed by the Department of Conservation and holds a position within the Otago Conservancy with responsibilities for indigenous freshwater fisheries management and liaison with the Otago and Central South Island Fish & Game Councils.

Murray has a passion for the outdoors which includes fishing, deer hunting and game bird hunting.


Dr Gerry Closs - Nominee of Minister of Fisheries.

Dr. Gerry Closs is an Associate Professor of the Zoology Department at the University of Otago.

Gerry was co-opted to the Trust in 2006 as the Trustees felt Gerry would provide considerable insight and value to future direction of the Trust. With the retirement of Trustee Dr. Bob McDowall in 2008, the Minster of Fisheries, in recognition of the value Dr Closs had already added to the Trust, nominated Gerry as Dr McDowalls replacement.

Gerry has many recreational interests which include fishing, sailing and telemark skiing.



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