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Our Outcomes

The distribution and abundance of fish and wildlife species is primarily related to the quality and extent of fish and wildlife habitat provided by rivers, lakes and wetlands.

The direct link between the health of freshwater habitats and species abundance and diversity requires the Trust to be involved in advocacy through public education and participation in planning processes.

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Lake Dunstan recreational sports fishery continues to be satisfactory to the Trustees and Otago Fish and Game.
The status and long-term trends in the Lake Dunstan sports fish population is known as a result of monitoring.
Issues identified through sports fishery monitoring are satisfactorily addressed.
The key areas utilised by the Lake Dunstan trout population for spawning and recruitment are identified and protected.
The origins of the Chinook salmon population migrating through/or resident in Lake Dunstan have been established.
Nevis galaxiid populations within Nevis River tributaries are viable and protected from salmonid invasion and other threats.

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Freshwater habitats in the Upper Clutha catchment sustain healthy and productive fish and wildlife populations.

The Bendigo Wildlife Management Reserve is a high-quality wetland habitat for wildlife.

Lake Dunstan is managed in a manner which reflects the importance of its environmental, fishery and wildlife values and its associated recreational amenity.

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Recreational Users

Lake Dunstan is a highly regarded and accessible angling destination.

Public access routes to Lake Dunstan and the upper Clutha River are available for public use.

The Bendigo Wildlife Management Reserve is readily accessible to the public and its conservation and recreation values are understood by reserve users.

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Public Interface

Trust objectives and activities are understood and supported by the public.

The Trust has good working relationships with DoC, Otago Fish and Game, Ngai Tahu and other agencies or organisations over issues relating to sports fishery and conservation matters within our geographic focus.

The Trust keeps up to date with research relevant to its objectives through liaison with research, consultancy and management organisations.