Furthering the public interests in the sports fisheries and
conservation values of the Upper Clutha catchment
The Clutha Fisheries Trust

The Clutha Fisheries Trust is a charitable Trust established in 1992 in settlement of Electrocorp New Zealands (ECNZ) responsibility to mitigate its impacts on the sports fisheries of the Clutha River in recognition of the Clyde Dam Development.

The Clutha Development (Clyde Dam) Empowering Act 1982, required ECNZ to establish a fish hatchery to supplement fish stocks in the newly formed reservoir � Lake Dunstan and the Clutha River immediately downstream of the Clyde Dam Development. However, the Act was subsequently amended to facilitate the formation of the Clutha Fisheries Trust.

The primary purpose of the Trust was defined as being: 
To establish, maintain and enhance primarily the sports fisheries values and secondarily the conservation values of the waters of the Clutha catchment for the benefit of the people of New Zealand in recognition of the effects of the Clyde Dam development�.

The Clutha Fisheries Trust has an office in Cromwell and employs a full time field officer to undertake its annual work plans. Members of the public with an interest in the Upper Clutha/Mata-au and/or trust activities are welcome to contact the Trust Field Officer Aaron Horrell or the Trust Chairman Dan Rae.

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The Nevis River

11th June 2013.


The Majority Decision by the Environment Court finds in favour of the variation application to the Water Conservation (Kawarau) Order by New Zealand and Otago Fish & Game and Whitewater New Zealand Inc. to prohibit damming on the Nevis River. 

For background information visit the Save the Nevis website.

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