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Trust Objectives

The Trust Deed requires that the Lake Dunstan sports fishery be retained at a level “satisfactory to the Trustees, and the Otago Fish and Game Council”. This indicates the need for an ongoing commitment from the Trustees to monitor the state of the fishery.

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To maintain a sports fish population within Lake Dunstan and it's tributaries.

To improve understanding of Lake Dunstan's freshwater fish populations and ecosystem dynamics in order to be able to help protect them in the future.

To contribute to the protection of the Nevis collecting populations within the Nevis River catchment.

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To advocate for the protection restoration and/or enhancement of freshwater fish and wildlife habitats within the Trust’s area of geographical focus.

To support the maintenance and enhancement of wetland habitat within the Bendigo Wildlife Management Reserve.

To advocate for the sensitive environmental management of Lake Dunstan.

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Meg Paterson Rainbow Trout

Recreational Users

To promote public knowledge of the angling opportunity provided by Lake Dunstan and available public access to it.

To improve public knowledge of available access to lake and river fisheries within the area of the Trust’s geographic focus.

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Public Interface

To raise the profile of Trust objectives within the area of our geographic focus and improve the publics’ knowledge and understanding of them.