Bendigo Nesting Islands March 2013 Enhancement 6

The Year Ahead

Within their Management Strategy the Trust has adopted key principles to guide it over the next 10 years. Trust activities will be identified in an annual plan guided by the strategy document and the objectives of the Trust Deed.

Work Projects

Non-migratory Fish Management

To contribute to the monitoring and protection of non-migratory galaxiid populations in the Upper Clutha catchment by liaising with DoC , Fish and Game and ORC to support agreed NMG projects.

Undertake field surveys and contribute to protection activities.

Nevis River Galaxiid Survey April 2008 3

Freshwater Research Support

Support research in freshwater ecology through grants to University of Otago postgraduate zoology students by contributing to the Donald Scott Scholarship.

Submit on planning matters within the Clutha catchment in support of Ecosystem health and recreational amenity values of waterways.

Checking the catch

Bendigo Nesting Islands

Maintain Bendigo nesting islands by clearing vegetation from islands prior to nesting season

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Undertake advocacy in the planning process in support of healthy and productive freshwater habitats.

Liaise closely with Fish and Game over advocacy efforts.



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Upper Clutha Access Tracks

Monitor, maintain and enhance the network of public vehicle access tracks to Lake Dunstan and the Upper Clutha River.

  • Inspect tracks annually - maintain as required
  • Enhance and develop new tracks
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Lake Dunstan Foreshore

Identify and undertake willow removal from lake foreshore to enhance recreational opportunity.

Inspect lakeshore areas where willows are limiting access and recreation.  Engage contract maintenance for willow clearance. 


Angler Satisfaction

Establish and maintain monitoring regime for Lake Dunstan fishery and users satisfaction.

Continue liaison with annual Dunstan fishing competition organisers and gather data on competition results.

Commission work to analysis and report on competition results.

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